Founder of LinkedGuerilla

LinkedGuerilla is LinkedIn outsourcing to generate B2B leads. Affordable and within LinkedIn's ToS, this is the first service of its kind.

Across industries, LG averages 30 new, targeted LinkedIn connections per day, 10 high-quality website browsers per day, and 1-3 big-ticket B2B sales closed per month, all for a mere $250/month.

Founding Partner of Away You Go VR

Away You Go VR provides a surreal, virtual reality escape to those in senior homes, hospitals, or otherwise unable to enjoy the outdoors. A combination of retailing VR headsets and a subscription for soothing nature VR experiences, Away You Go VR enjoys partnerships with senior facility program directors around the world.

Founder of Better Better Better LLC

Better Better Better promotes businesses at their best. Since customers have come to take quality, expedience, and satisfaction for granted, the new frontier is in feeling that their purchase is contributing positively to the whole world. By channeling this Social Mission through our own cooperative structure, we generate profits for diverse companies that then share in the rewards. My role as founder is to strategize and execute marketing campaigns, raising revenue via our cutting-edge marketing automation.

CMO of Lexirina Jewelry

When LJ saw their sales sliding away despite traditional market metrics looking optimistic, I was brought on board as a consultant. Upon recognizing that the total traffic to the web pages was only weakly converting, I set up a series of incentives to lower the minimum threshold of interaction and thus increased sales by 60% in one month, with a 21% increase in profit. Then innovating upon referral services as well as physical displays, LJ has seen a 350% increase in monthly sales since hiring me and is displayed in more than 20 stores from Florida to Colorado.

Account Executive -- Art for Autism

By delivering assets, tracking metrics, and coordinating efforts with an in-house network of volunteers, I am planning and directing the marketing campaigns of Art for Autism, a non-profit business with a goal of transforming perceptions of autism. Featuring an employee certification program for autistic youth, we specialize in combating the 90%+ unemployment rate amongst eligible autistic workers through empowering training.

CEO, CTO -- Kultured Kitsch

I am the founder, coordinator, and primary technical expert in Kultured Kitsch, a Full-Stack Marketing company. I use my experience in establishing web-sites from metal to server, from website to database, and from code to colors. Through strategic partnerships with key digital designers, marketers, and sales executives, I both initiate and provide the final seal of approval to all of our projects. While we are a for-profit company, we are selective of our clients and engage only with deserving companies that share our enthusiasm for ethical marketing.

Private Health Consulting

My first foray into owning my own business, I took the skills and science from my long pre-medical career and delivered real value to the geriatric population of Sarasota, FL. Qualified as a Senior Fitness Specialist and supporting my nutritional advice with peer-reviewed articles, I took great care of my clients as they did of me. I still continue this practice to a more limited extent as pro bono work.

Quality Assurance Manager -- Scribe America

In an active Emergency Department, I managed a team of Medical Scribes. Evaluating each transcribed medical chart for accuracy, authorship, and coding nuances, I learned the mechanisms of leadership and instruction, with lots of medical know-how to boot!


Online Courses

A comprehensive list is available on my LinkedIn, yet here are some highlights: Technology and Ethics, Social Entrepreneurship, Corporate Finance Essentials, An Introduction to Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing, Microeconomics Principles, and Organizational Analysis.

3 months
HubSpot Inbound Marketing

I am certified by HubSpot Marketing in Inbound Marketing Methodology. This course covers SEO, Landing Pages, Blogging, Conversion, Lead Nurturing, and Email marketing.


Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association
Wrote more than 40,000 words for final examination
Devised dozens of customized training plans
Worked 500+ hours as a personal trainer
Integrated in my extensive health background to provide holistic wellness
Continuing to provide health services as part of my non-profit, Better Better Better

New College of Florida

Achieved a BA in Neurobiology and Psychology
Conducted human psychological experiments, animal research, and literature synopses
Organized popular community events as a Resident Advisor
Attended and presented at many symposia within and beyond my disciplines
As a valued community member, I was frequently requested as a speaker by collegiate clubs
Wrote over 500 pages cumulatively, including a 170-page senior thesis

Lee Academy for Gifted Education

High School Diploma, 3.8 GPA Unweighted
Studied elective Latin, German, and Mass Media
Wrote over 400 pages of essays, including:
175 page publication on the psychological premises of religious experience
125 page thesis on Regressive Therapy, a modality of psychotherapy

The Word

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Laurie Stemm
Marketing Director

I have had the privilege of mentoring Jeremy for years, coaching his development as a businessman and marketer. His progress is amazing! I must admit that I expected such outstanding performance from him as he continues to innovate in an industry that is always riding waves. I now use his services to keep up-to-date on the latest in technology as well as with the two non-profits in which I sit on the board.

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Vicky Westra
President of Art for Autism

Jeremy continues to provide stellar work for Art for Autism. Going above and beyond the call of duty, he is a skilled researcher who has helped us refine our organizational goals like never before. Not only does he provide direction, working with his company has provided us with access to the best modern marketing tools on the web.