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2017 31/Aug

Good Businesses Deserve Better Marketing. This revamping of my company’s website is sleeker, more direct in its selling approach, and using the latest technology. Based on Meteor.js, this is a fully fledged webapp that has a clean design utilizing materializeCSS. In addition to a responsive design delivering the company details, the site includes a reactive survey […]

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2016 19/Aug

Cowboys making music. Bovine Joe & the Buffalo Heard were first corralled while attending the Butler School of Music in Austin, TX in 2010. With the advent of their debut EP “Entitlement” we get a glimpse of the well-kept secret the agrarian cattle have been harboring amongst the lush pastures of central Texas. Many of […]

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2015 16/Oct
Scientific Earth

Connecting the Internet to Nature’s Web. Scientific Earth is a company that publishes web applications to simplify our interface to the plethora of scientific knowledge. Ultimately, as technology improves, SE is poised to be the Google of scientific knowledge: delivering just the fact you need, right when you need it.

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