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2015 20/Oct
Cost-Benefit Analysis

Marketing takes insight. I am a skilled researcher who immerses myself in any field before participating. By compiling reports with the best available data, combining it with simple explanations, and providing it in a reproducible format, my marketing analyses are highly sought for. Of course, combined with my professional design and development skills, my presentations […]

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2015 16/Oct

A Portfolio for a Dancer. When elegance and beauty come together, it is always a dance. By focusing on the centerpiece of any ballet portfolio, the video itself, it becomes possible to both read her resume while watching the dance unfold.

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2013 5/Jun
jeremy david evans work

You’re working right now. When you’re so engaged, curious, and interested that the time flies by and the clock seems to lie, that’s the kind of flow your business wants you to have. Similarly, it is the very same state induced by other hypnotic trances such as hypnosis, television, or pleasant reading. Indeed, that’s exactly […]

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